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Customized workout plan made for you

Tailored to Your Ambitions: Our workout plans are meticulously crafted with your specific goals in mind, ensuring a journey uniquely yours.

Your own meal plan

Crafted for your body's specific needs, we design a personalized calorie-focused nutrition plan. Dive into custom meals and flavorful recipes that fuel and nourish you.

We track your progress together

Journey Together, Track Together: Engage in weekly check-ins with me and experience effortless progress tracking on your fitness voyage!

Continuous communication

24/7 access us and our AMAZING team.


Meet Brock Davies, a standout pro athlete and F45's Trainer of the Year. Together with Jenna Willis,  a beacon of genuine passion and a former Division 1 volleyball star, they form a dynamic duo in the world of fitness. In an era chasing perfection, Jenna reminds us of the joy in the journey, and with Brock's athletic prowess, they champion fitness as both a physical and soulful pursuit.

Their joint expertise delivers sessions that blend strength, HIIT, and metabolic training, tailored to fit any schedule — from quick 5-minute bursts to immersive hour-long dives. Each workout, regardless of its length, is crafted to boost strength, refine your shape, and improve daily function. With our online platform, we connect with fitness enthusiasts globally, merging our diverse backgrounds into a unified force. We're not just here to guide but to journey with you, ensuring your transformation is both physically and emotionally resonant.


all bodies.png
I have been using Jenna’s workout program for over 4 months and couldn’t be happier with h


How do I receive my program?
  • You will receive your program after signing up by downloading my app in the app store via the link provided. The app is where you will have access to your workouts, meals, and everything else included in my programs. 
When will I receive my program in the app after signing up?
  • After signing up, filling out personal info, and entering payment details, I will start working on your program. You will receive an email notifying you when your program is ready! This usually takes no longer than 24hrs.
I’ve never worked out before! Can I still do your program?
  • Absolutely! It was really important to me to make these programs for EVERYONE- no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey. My programs are customized for your specific fitness level and goals.
I’ve already been working out for a while now, but just want more structure and want to see more progress. Can I still do your program?
  • Yes! I will customize your program to the fitness level you are currently at, and make sure that it aligns with your goals and keeps challenging you as you progress.
Can I do the plan at home?
  • Yes! I will customize your program for you based on whether you prefer to workout at home, or at the gym.
What equipment will I need? 
  • Although you are able to do my program with no equipment if you prefer, I would recommend at least one set of dumbbells and some resistance bands if working out from home. My programs are customized to you, so we will build a program for you based on what you have at home. If you are following my program at the gym, your gym should have everything you need! When signing up for my program, I will provide a list of equipment I recommend and some of my personal favorite equipment.  
Is each month the same?
  • No! Each month your workout plan will be different with changes in specific exercises, weights and reps, meal plans, and macros which are all changing as you progress in your journey. It is important that most of your workouts stay the same for about 4 weeks before switching them up, so that you can make progress before moving on! (This is called progressive overload.) 
Is the program available worldwide?
  • Yes! I wanted to make sure that everyone has access to my program, no matter where you’re located! 
Is this a subscription based program?
  • Yes. The reason I have chosen to do this is to encourage commitment and ensure that you continue to see progress month to month! 
How do I cancel?
  • I’m sad to see you go :( But I completely understand that sometimes life gets busy! If you need to cancel, make sure to email my team or send a message to me in the app at least 7 days before your initial sign up date so that you do not get charged for the next month. 
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